Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Birthday Letter to Chris Cornell by Xana La Fuente

Dear Chris,

You left my world a long time ago, and I never understood why. Now that you're really gone, a lot of your behavior makes sense to me, but I'm also left with many questions. Myself, your family, friends and fans want to know why. What was so horrible in your life that you chose to end it? 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Origins of a Grunge Girl ~ Part 1 ~ How a Lost Girl from Santa Fe Stole the Heart of a Mississippi Lovechild

I started writing this series about a year ago. But after the response from the Demri blog, I sort of gave up on writing the truth here. Maybe I will write a book, but that just seems  super cheesy to me. I've always envisioned a movie made from a book where my life as a child was told and shown; I envision Santa Fe, New Mexico and my upbringing, so to speak. I imagined what Andy's life as a child was like but I only know bits and pieces from what he told me. Talking to the Woods is not an option at this point. They did take property that was mine - not Andy's - from Chris Cornell. They did and still are selling stuff of Andy's and kept stuff of mine that was not theirs to keep. They are still trying to sell stuff online that was not even Andy's. This is a fact. So I have nothing to say to them. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hollywood Gets Their Minds Blown by Mother Love Bone ~Otherwise Known as the Night I met My Wife~ A Grunge Love Story by Vince Garner

I'm starting to go through all the stories I have been sent and out of 30 or so I have about 10 I think are great and will be publishing. Look for this in your email by August 1st and here soon after.

Thank You 

Xanaland Staff 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Xana You've Got to Stop Doing Heroin and Start Doing Speed ...Preferably Chased With Jack Daniels" And Other Great Advice From Lemmy

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Xana La Fuente 

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Watch Entire Never-Before-Seen Alice in Chains Concert Footage from 1989: A Small Town Received Many Big Delights

Back in the ‘80s, the tiny farming and college town of Pullman, Washington was often a destination for Seattle bands.  This, of course, was during a time before “grunge” was a known musical term. The Pullman crowds were hugely appreciative of live music at that time, and many WSU students who hailed from Seattle were thrilled to experience their hometown bands on the other side of the state.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Grungy Affair To Remember

The eighties were a great time to be in Seattle. I worked at a sex store on 1st & Pike. I don't think a lot of people today realize how odd it is that 'Showgirls' still occupies a portion of that corner. It was once called 'Deja Vu,' with the best and most honest business motto ever: "50 Beautiful Girls and 3 ugly Ones." Roger Forbes owned Fantasy Unlimited, Champ Arcade, and Deja Vu. He was a great boss. When Andy died, he came to the memorial at The Paramount, and looking quite out of place in his suit and tie, he cried and handed me a check for $3,000 and told me I was the best employee he ever had, and that even though I had no boobs and was too skinny, he thought I was pretty cute. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mad Season~ The Story of the Lifeless Dead with Music Tribute to Mad Seasons 'Above' & Temple of the Dog with Seattle Symphony Orchestra Featuring Jefferson Angell, Kim Virant, Skerik, Sean Kinney, Tim DeJulio , Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Barrett Martin, Mike McCready & Duff McKagan

Lifeless dead, that unclean bed 
Till or when, her hunger's fed
How he'd wished that they would wed 
"I promise on our love" she said 
Promises were never kept 
Alone on a dirty floor he slept 
And although, he'd not accept
She was gone and so he wept 
Then a demon came to him 
"You must know, I'm going to win"