Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Xana You've Got to Stop Doing Heroin and Start Doing Speed ...Preferably Chased With Jack Daniels" And Other Great Advice From Lemmy

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Xana La Fuente 

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

My Apology to Chris Cornell, Take it or Leave it

 I would like to publicly apologize for calling Chris Cornell a chode. For the people (outside my blog followers and friends who know me) who this has reached, if you care for a further explanation, here it is. If not, and you just want to be mad, then you are as childish as I was for my emotional response. If I was really 'angry,' why would I say his 'punishment' would be playing "Peace Train" with The Muppets?! You have to admit, that would be amazing!

 What is sad to me is that I have been writing and building this website for five years and all the grunge stories are really just bait to get people to notice all the new bands I write about. It has worked, and there have been countless people who've discovered Walking Papers, Ten Miles Wide, and Ayron Jones, and have realized how amazing Shawn Smith is - all from watching my YouTube channel. I tell people who email me and ask about my past, "I don't answer questions about this in messages, etc. - please go to the blogs." It may sound harsh, but I am always afraid of saying something bad or that something will get taken out of context. We call people chodes all the time on my Facebook and we 'roast' all kinds of people. I roast myself! Why else would I have an alter ago who's a monkey named Sancho?

 If this Chris Cornell issue had stayed within my demographic so to speak, by now I would have forgotten about it. We rant and then it's over. However, this got out. I just wish some of the great pieces I've written on new local bands were shared all over, but I guess that's the internet for you. I have not even monetized my site because I want it ad-free. I will have to do this eventually, but what other website do you see with not one ad? The only ads on Xanaland are my handpicked Amazon products from which all sales go toward my non-profit that provides instruments to kids - kids that I film for free all the time, by the way, at the local music schools here in West Seattle. If that does not prove that I am not trying to make money from any of this, then I don't know what else to say; the proof is right in front of people and they still want to believe otherwise. Plus, we sell really fun stuff and stuff people need like rubber chickens and night goggles!

When Andy wrote and sang Stargazer to me it was special because he also wrote Chloe for me (that was about when I was going to be a stripper to support he and I, and left the place after one hour) but obviously having my real name in the song - not my stripper for a day name - was really flattering and made it extra special. Pretty much all of Apple was our relationship and some Malfunkshun songs. If you don't know who Malfunkshun is, my proof that generally speaking people reading stuff do not know what the background is has been proven in a split second. 

Chris and I have had falling-outs before. The last time we did, he said something really shitty while we were eating dinner, and we were on our way to the park where we always took our dog Bill. If I brought anyone he would get furious. He even got mad at me for bringing Jerry Cantrell once. The night he upset me, I got up and left and didn't tell him. He was looking for me all over and eventually came to my house and we sat up and talked all night. He told me as the sun rose, "So are you going to forgive me ?" and I said yes - He was standing behind me with his arms around me while I was sitting in front of the fireplace on this chaise lounge. I said "Well are you going to forgive me?" and he said "Yeah but if you ever do anything like that again - take off and leave me worrying about you - I'll never talk to you again."

 Well I saw him plenty of times after that. I saw him in L.A.  I saw him at the house where we all hung out where all my stuff went missing (I stand by the facts of all of that and HAVE been upset and talking about it for a long time, not just now). I was pregnant with my son and with my husband who he was really nice to. He even offered to let him to use his American Music store discount.

I do not know what changed because when the whole divorce happened, apparently it was a very ugly scene here in West Seattle. I was not living here then. Even the workers at the grocery store right by his old house where his ex-wife still lives, and where I shop and live by now - still remember the parking lot fights between Chris and his ex-wife. I came back here assuming I was golden since she hated me and I figured, great - he and I can go back to being friends. But apparently something has changed and he wants nothing to do with anyone in his family or his old friends. It's not about me but it's easy to take it personally.  Can't say I blame his new wife for insisting he keep away from his past, but it still makes me sad. I was very happy about he and Vicky and think she seems great for him. I hate it when people insult her. I've publicly defended her.

As for me,  I didn't just know him; he was the only person I knew that I told everything to besides maybe one or two other people. We spent way more time together than he and andy ever did. I was very happy and proud of his success. Losing Andy was hard enough.  I did not know there was some time limit set on grief now, but Chris singing MLB songs brings it all back up. Leaving my name out felt like something Andy would be upset over, so it upset me.

It also bothers me that he does not give back to the world in a more direct way. Sue, he may donate money to charity. But what does he do to help the new Seattle bands? He could do so much to support local music. He could spend time at music schools. Donate old guitars to underprivileged kids. Just mentioning another band could get them huge exposure. you'd think that all that time he spends with Brad Pitt would rub off on him. I believe he does a lot for the homeless in New Orleans. Mike McCready is the only one who is nice to fans and not afraid to be in public. It's a very endearing quality. I will be writing a more detailed piece on my thoughts on all this. I believe he has a responsibility to young musicians, and I don't mind saying so. 

I have a great life in Seattle and I will say it again: I do not get 'jealous.' That does not even make sense. I live right by Eddie Vedder and we shop at the same grocery store, we both drive Jeeps, and if anything, I probably have more 'fun' because I can go out and not get hounded! I hear he's quite the hermit, and that is sad. Who would want to get bugged all the time? I can't even stand it when I get one message asking me stuff; I can't imagine how it would feel to have people all over me all the time. I never liked the idea of fame at all.

I have a really busy day - if anyone has any questions, feel free to email me, but please do not expect an immediate response. I have quite had it with this issue. I have apologized, and now I am going back to what I do best: working on stuff for the new bands in Seattle who hopefully will never forget where they came from. 


Xana La Fuente

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye~The Evanescent Life of Demri Parrot

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Watch Entire Never-Before-Seen Alice in Chains Concert Footage from 1989: A Small Town Received Many Big Delights

Back in the ‘80s, the tiny farming and college town of Pullman, Washington was often a destination for Seattle bands.  This, of course, was during a time before “grunge” was a known musical term. The Pullman crowds were hugely appreciative of live music at that time, and many WSU students who hailed from Seattle were thrilled to experience their hometown bands on the other side of the state.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Grungy Affair To Remember

The eighties were a great time to be in Seattle. I worked at a sex store on 1st & Pike. I don't think a lot of people today realize how odd it is that 'Showgirls' still occupies a portion of that corner. It was once called 'Deja Vu,' with the best and most honest business motto ever: "50 Beautiful Girls and 3 ugly Ones." Roger Forbes owned Fantasy Unlimited, Champ Arcade, and Deja Vu. He was a great boss. When Andy died, he came to the memorial at The Paramount, and looking quite out of place in his suit and tie, he cried and handed me a check for $3,000 and told me I was the best employee he ever had, and that even though I had no boobs and was too skinny, he thought I was pretty cute. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mad Season~ The Story of the Lifeless Dead with Music Tribute to Mad Seasons 'Above' & Temple of the Dog with Seattle Symphony Orchestra Featuring Jefferson Angell, Kim Virant, Skerik, Sean Kinney, Tim DeJulio , Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Barrett Martin, Mike McCready & Duff McKagan

Lifeless dead, that unclean bed 
Till or when, her hunger's fed
How he'd wished that they would wed 
"I promise on our love" she said 
Promises were never kept 
Alone on a dirty floor he slept 
And although, he'd not accept
She was gone and so he wept 
Then a demon came to him 
"You must know, I'm going to win" 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sonic Highways~Another Chapter In The Amazing Story of Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters

Seattle, being (in my eyes) the most deserving city of an amazing Foo Fighters concert, was not disappointed on Friday night when the 'Sonic Highways' tour hit Seattle's historic Showbox Theater. There are very few shows in Seattle that actually bring tears to my eyes, and if you asked anyone, I looked like Alice Cooper by the end of the night. Yeah, laugh it up, fuzzballs and whippersnappers. One of these days you'll find yourself crying outside of a concert and your life will be summed up in one song. All the good and bad you've experienced will hit you at once, and hopefully you'll be as grateful as I am when it does. Please believe, like I have, that you are alive to bear witness to one of the last good things humanity has to offer the universe:  words and music -- performed live.