Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sonic Highways~Another Chapter In The Amazing Story of Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters

Seattle, being (in my eyes) the most deserving city of an amazing Foo Fighters concert, was not disappointed on Friday night when the 'Sonic Highways' tour hit Seattle's historic Showbox Theater. There are very few shows in Seattle that actually bring tears to my eyes, and if you asked anyone, I looked like Alice Cooper by the end of the night. Yeah, laugh it up, fuzzballs and whippersnappers. One of these days you'll find yourself crying outside of a concert and your life will be summed up in one song. All the good and bad you've experienced will hit you at once, and hopefully you'll be as grateful as I am when it does. Please believe, like I have, that you are alive to bear witness to one of the last good things humanity has to offer the universe:  words and music -- performed live.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Before There Was Grunge, There Was Joshua ~20 Questions with Joshua Pierce

Photo by Deborah Spencer 

Normally, we publish our questionnaires for musicians on our main blog. But anyone who knows Seattle rock music knows that Joshua, the dynamic and dangerously good-looking front man of First Thought, was there at the beginning of what's known now as 'The Grunge Scene.'  Some people think that the less hard rock bands from that era got pushed aside for bands like Alice in Chains. And while that might be true for some, if anything Joshua was protected by the higher-ups of the management teams known almost as well as the bands they have managed. I can't blame them for not wanting him to hang out with the likes of Kurt Cobain and, well, even me!  But for First Thought's career as a band, perhaps the overprotectiveness went too far; nevertheless, Joshua is well known as one of Seattle's best and well-seasoned singers, and will always be a big part of the city's music history.

Photo by Durkan Photography 

~Some classic solo music of Joshua's can be heard in the links at the bottom of the blog, and he has a  brand new CD coming out soon as well! In playing it for a friend, he commented, "I always loved that Middle Eastern feeling some of his songs have...."   I have to agree, and say I hope the new music still has that  dark-exotic feeling to it that's become part of his style...not many guys can pull that off and when it's done well it's really beautiful.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

While Xana's Guitar Gently Weeps~The Story of the Fender La Brea & the Dead Man's Hat

Years ago, you experienced an event that was 
so overwhelming, you could not fully deal with 
it, let alone understand it.  At this time it has been
simmering and smoldering in the depths of 
your unconscious mind, emitting ghostly 
steam and smoke, even as it has remained
difficult for you to integrate. But I predict this 
will change in the coming months.  You will 
finally find a way to bring it into your conscious 
awareness and explore it with courage 
and grace. Of course it will be scary for you to 
do so.  But I assure you that the fear is a residue 
from your old confusion, not a sign of real 
danger. To achieve maximum liberation...
begin your quest soon. 

Capricorn horoscope for October 2014 

Friday, July 4, 2014

They're an American Band~The Story of Seattle's Hartwood by Cheryl Rolcik-Wilcox


If you’ve been to a live music show in Seattle at some point over the last 30 years, it’s almost a statistical impossibility that you haven’t seen at least one Hartwood member performing live.   If you’re a fan of Pacific NW metal, punk, grunge, rock, disco, or country, you’ll undoubtedly recognize the names of the musicians who make up the foundation of Hartwood.

Hartwood’s roots began under a blue tarp in the rain on a group camping trip in 1991, as the two founding members of the band and their co-campers chopped through a large tree for firewood.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What Happened in Vegas? I Met a Great Girl From Seattle~ A Grunge Story by Christopher Blake

My name is Chris and this is my Grunge Story-

I was 23 and I had gone to Las Vegas at the time because it's a family tradition and I needed it because I was going through a hard time in my life. I was trying to turn over a new leaf in my life and I was letting go of people that were dragging me down with them.

It Don't Come Easy~The Art of Grunge Storytelling~ Turning Your Grungy Memories into Great Stories

As I somewhat grappled about what to publish this month, I came across a quote I had forgotten about. It became famous by TV's beloved children's show host and creator Mr. Rogers.  He used to carry a quote he got from a social worker that said, " There's no one you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story." I always thought that was a great and beautiful quote.

Let's start by looking at an important question. Would Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Andrew Wood, Mike Starr and the other fallen musicians of Seattle want their stories told? And what stories would they want shared? Who would want the good times only shared and who would say, "I want stories to be told that will help young addicts make better choices?"

You gotta pay the dues if you wana sing the blues
And you know it dont' come easy 

Ringo Starr

The Man Who Sold the (Grunge) World to Sweden~ by Richard Wilson

The magic year for me was 1991. I was a 20 year old Swedish guy with musical dreams. I had graduated with low grades and I thought life was finally about to begin. No more school for me! (it turned out to be lots more of school though years later.) I had been working at the grave yard for two summers to get money to go to America for three months, with my friend Fredrik.

 Now, me and Fred were metal heads. We were playing in bands and we had our last show with a band called Rebel Kiss, before we went to the states. We played covers of Skid Row, Joan Jett and added a few songs of our own. I was fed up with playing drums. I had done it since I was 4 and I wanted to do something else. We had no clue what was in store. Guns n' Roses released Use Your Illusion. I didn't like it. Fredrik loved it. Metallica released the black album... Well. More on that later.

 Richard Wilson today

Fred worked at a record store and before we went to America he played me some songs from this new album by a band called Pearl Jam. It had some awful pink cover art, I thought. The music seemed ok, a little less aggressive than what I would normally listen to, but I didn't really get it then. I had heard Mother Love Bone at another friend's and thought that was okay too. It was too much "glam" for me, though. I had no idea about the Andy Wood story back then. I was into thrash metal mostly.

So in September of 1991 these two Swedes went to America to meet with some pen pals and party! Back in the day we actually wrote hand written letters and sent to the other side of the world! There was nothing called the internet. It was freaking dinosaur land. The world seemed so much bigger then. Looking back at it we were two really innocent kids from a small town in Sweden going to huge cities like New York, LA, Houston and New Orleans.