Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Feeling Frisky! Let's Talk About The Missionary Position

 I know what you're thinking.  "I thought The Walking Papers were her favorite new band?" ....Well, "It's complicated."  I am not a writer, so excuse the lack of  professionally presented journalism standards of eloquence and proper rock and roll terms, which until Pandora Radio hires me, are useless!
The best way I know how to describe The Missionary Position and the effect their music has on its audience:  Picture in your mind if you will and recall  "the snake charmer song."  Don't make me type the lyrics, we all know there is indeed a place in France where the naked ladies dance, besides there's grip of great information and history on the internet for THAT song and a very interesting history.
This is what you need to know before you go see The Missionary Position:  Be prepared to fall in love, girls.  Michael Alex is the most adorable drummer in Seattle.  Fact.  Not opinion.  Dudes, be ready to watch your chicks do "the snake charmer" dance and go into a love-like trance; hell, I think I saw sparkles in some of the guys' eyes at the last show!

                                                                                                                                                      photos by Jeff Cook                                       

 Most of us in Seattle have been hooked on the charms of Jeff Angell since the first Walking Papers show, and some have been lucky to know his music for many years.  I've been following that snake charmer around Seattle all summer, and I have the sore back and credit card bill to prove it!  He is also lovingly pet named "The Bee Charmer," but for this story, we'll stick to the script.  Just let me say it was worth every second and every penny!  Benjamin Anderson, who also plays piano-keyboard for The Walking Papers makes it somehow easier to have never seen Elton John in the '70s.  Something I never thought I'd get over...

photo by Jeff Cook
What more can I say, Seattle is rocking heavier, sexier, and gets more and more charming every day!  Thank you, boys, because if getting charmed into doing the "snake dance" and experiencing all-over bliss, joy and happiness is wrong... then I don't want to be right!  For proof of "the most adorable drummer in Seattle," see the video below!

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                                                          Admit it.  He's Adorable!