Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keeping Up With The Cornells - Brother Peter Cornell's Forgotten & Found Again Voice

"If history was told in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten" Rudyard Kipling

           First of all, the word "grunge" never fully grew on me, so feel free to come up with a new word and let us all know, and don't act like Mother Love Bone is a good name either, we all know it's silly as hell and not "just 3 random words" as Andy so eloquently put it.
For more than 20 years I have been trying to keep up with Chris and his mood swings.  Thank God for all of us, the moody Mustache has been able to make up for what he lacks in social skills with some of the best music ever recorded.  Fact, not opinion.
We could talk about The Mustache all day, and we will be soon; don't worry, I will never run out of Mustache stories!

Recently, though, I was turned on to some of Peter Cornell's songs, previously recorded and soon to be re released, and I had to ask myself the same thing you will ask yourself:  "Why have I not heard this before?" 
For anyone who was lucky enough to be in Seattle in the early '90s and got to see Peter's band with their sisters, Maggie and Katie Cornell, you know that he shares the same voice that Chris is so famous for.  And as the years have passed, life's challenges themselves scream out in his music with themes of vulnerability and rejection that add a surprising dimension to his music -- 
one that confesses of adoring and fearing women, something that appeals to us all.      

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind" - Rudyard Kipling

For the last week since I heard the songs that were sent to me, I felt a tremendous sense of guilt that I did not look harder for him, and I mourned the years I missed out on.  I have this one memory of seeing him on Broadway when I was with Chris, and he was so funny and sweet with a huge smile, I used to tease Chris and say, "Why can't you be cool like Peter, why do you have to be such a chode?" 

Yeah, yeah, I know, he got the last laugh, but that's why I get to call him The Mustache, he should thank me for the days I could stand it no longer and would say "If you're gonna whine, go back in the boiler room and whine into the microphone" 

                                                                         Peter Cornell with Black Market Radio 

It is not for us to understand the paths of equally beautiful and talented men.  We are fortunate to have them both.  Thank you, Peter, for taking such good care of The Mustache, and seemingly putting aside your own dreams in the process.  You truly are a warrior of the planet Earth.  Welcome to Xanaland, where we have been suffering needlessly without your words and music.  Please stay forever.

Here is some new music by Peter we are adding to this blog! 

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