Thursday, March 7, 2013

Remembering Mike Starr

Let's face it, March can be a hellish month. I remember the weekend Andy died. Apparently this was also this time of year Jerry's mother passed away, so for him, it being his birthday on the 17th made it really hard. At the hospital he said something like "I hate this fucking month" and "It's my birthday, just fucking great." 
Honestly, there have been years when I was so faded the date March 19 came and went without notice, but there is no chance of that this month, as it also marks the 2-year anniversary of Mike's death. Ugh, that word. So much of it in our world, it's a wonder we haven't all gone mad. 
One of my favorite memories of Mike is of him, Andy, and I riding in a horse street carriage that Mike had waved down in  front of the  The Central. He says "Come on Andy and Xana, let's go for a ride, my treat." We were young, beautiful, and had our whole lives ahead if us. It was especially fun for me since I was not even old enough to get into The Central! This is probably why I was standing outside! 
It was a memorable night, although I found the excitement a little frightening. I was scared at how these guys, with their partying and extravagant behavior, would ever survive on the road in a band. They must have been scared, too.
One thing I always hear from people I have met all over the country when Alice in Chains comes up in a conversation is "Yeah I met Mike when Alice toured here, he was so cool." I know that a lot of people who knew Mike hear this all the time, too. Hey, we all have our gifts, Mike's just happened to be the gifts of gab and flirting! 
This blog was created so we can all share these small but cherished memories, not to point fingers or to try to put any pieces to the puzzle of Mike's life together. That being said, I want it to be clear that I have "No Beef "with Jeff Ament or anyone else in the PJ/Alice family and/or management (brace yourselves: The RNDM jokes are coming, drum roll por favor Richard!)  If anything, I was the one that left Seattle and wasted my life when I could have been here helping Mike, Layne, and Demri. They needed strong people in their lives and I could have made a difference but chose to become a part of the problem and do drugs with them. 
I have some other great stories, like the day Steve Perkins from Jane's Addiction, the Alice guys, and I went to Disney Land. It's all on VHS somewhere-I do not have a copy but someone out there does! I will be writing about that hilarious day as well as other tales from the Alice Vaults, as I remember them. That is one good thing about getting old, I get to say things like "I forgot." Nah! I will never forget my Mike Starr stories! Unforgettable and always a star in Xanaland, today I will only think of that beautiful night with those beautiful boys, in a horse drawn carriage... and hope to be fortunate enough to ride in one with them again someday... hey, it could happen.

Andy said it best! "I'm in love with Mike Starr!"

I am sorry Mel and Dave and Gayle that I was not a better friend.
Here is my song for Mike today, who we can all be sure is riding in a horse drawn carriage
somewhere in the universe, probably with some of our other friends by his side....