Friday, November 29, 2013

Travis Bracht, The Dark Knight of Grunge Strikes Again!

Travis has not formally approved of this pet name -- it just came to me a minute ago -- so let's see if he likes it before we all start calling him "The Dark Knight of Grunge..." but I think it's fitting!

Most people who know me know that there are specific bands and a fairly small circle in which I am really knowledgeable. Then there are a bunch of bands and people in the Seattle music scene that I somehow never got to know, and Travis is one of those people that I probably crossed paths with many times and either we both forgot or we were never introduced. That all changed a year ago, and since the first time I saw him perform, I have tried to never miss a show and am always eager to hear any news or music he's working on. Yes, he's that good. 

Let's take a look at his music history in videos. I could not find any of him and Layne Staley singing together,  but in the band Second Coming, they both had some great stage moments and were one of the most requested bands on KISW. Here is one with Layne singing. It's a classic that I'm surprised has not been covered and re-released. 

Here's Travis with Second Coming -- pretty cool to see Dudley Taft from Sweet Water in this playing guitar,  who is now a successful studio musician in Nashville. 

There are only a handful of musicians around that had such a big piece of Seattle music history that are accessible, and still playing out, and even fewer that have the dapper good looks and real rock star presence like Travis. He is a one of a kind, and is always warm and friendly -- a genuinely good guy, who occasionally gets mistaken for my pimp when we're together! Joking of course! His trademark suit, snappy hat, and two-tone shoes have become his signature look and there's really no one else who can pull it off like he can! 

Talented he is, theatrical he must be! 

Post Modern Heroes, like all Travis's bands, are really great. Here is a video of them from a KISW show a few years ago. I think we need to do a proper interview with Travis to see what's up with them because they are just too cool! 

Talk about photogenic -- look at that face! And with a voice to go with it -- absolute rock star! 

Secretly, though, most of us old school Seattle music lovers appreciate more than anything the magic moments we're treated to when Travis plays his acoustic solo shows. Here's a video I took a year ago at Seattle's Studio 7. 

Black Dahlia films has been doing a video series on Travis. Here's one from last summer....

Tomorrow night, November 30th, we will be treated to such a show at Seattle's Feedback Lounge in West Seattle, so please join us for what is sure to be an epic night of music. For those out of town, Xanaland will be providing a free live stream that you can see right here on our Live Performance page. I think it's fair to say that Layne or any of our other lost friends would be really proud of Travis. When he's not playing music, he's busy being an awesome dad and a post-modern hero for now we'll call The Dark Knight of Grunge! 

Be sure to tune in around 8:00p.m. for a special pre-show commentary and Q & A with Mr. Bracht and some live chats with some friends that know and love him -- an informal live Grunge Story Tellers may have just been born. He was the first person we filmed for our channel and website, so he should be the first to have the chance to tell his own stories! See you tomorrow, greater Seattle!

Special thanks to Black Dahlia Films, who will be filming this for a collectible DVD series. 

Update- May 23, 2017 Unfortunately the YouTube links were taken off by " link rot " I will re-add them asap, and will have a more in depth interview with Travis coming up very soon!