Tuesday, October 7, 2014

While Xana's Guitar Gently Weeps~The Story of the Fender La Brea & the Dead Man's Hat

Years ago, you experienced an event that was 
so overwhelming, you could not fully deal with 
it, let alone understand it.  At this time it has been
simmering and smoldering in the depths of 
your unconscious mind, emitting ghostly 
steam and smoke, even as it has remained
difficult for you to integrate. But I predict this 
will change in the coming months.  You will 
finally find a way to bring it into your conscious 
awareness and explore it with courage 
and grace. Of course it will be scary for you to 
do so.  But I assure you that the fear is a residue 
from your old confusion, not a sign of real 
danger. To achieve maximum liberation...
begin your quest soon. 

Capricorn horoscope for October 2014 

Even if you don't believe in astrology, you have to admit -- that's pretty profound. Just happened to read it on the way home to write this and felt it was perfect for me, and for this story. 

I don't know why nobody told you 
how to unfold your love 
I don't know how  someone controlled you 
they bought and sold you 

When I went to see Burning Spear in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at age 14, I had no idea my life would change completely from one single concert. I thought, "Oh another Reggae show... no biggie, been to tons of them." That was pretty much all that came to Santa Fe, in the way of new music. Anyhow, when I met Edward , Burning Spears Manager, we fell for each other right away and began this long-distance relationship, based on his being on the road. I flew out to L.A. a lot anyhow, so I saw him there frequently, and eventually, he invited me to visit his hometown of Seattle. I loved it right away. A few months later, I moved to Seattle and we shared a small apartment by Greenlake.

I look at the world and I notice it's turning 
while my guitar gently weeps 
with every mistake, we must surely be learning
still my guitar gently weeps

 Edward had bought me this fantastic and sexy guitar which I took with me to Seattle.
I remember the day he brought me the Fender La Brea. Ed was a great storyteller; I still vividly remember some of his great stories. One day, I was wearing this old, black hat a girlfriend had given me; an older girl who had some wild stories herself. She gave me the hat, telling me this story of it being a "Dead Man's Hat" ... as if I was immediately supposed to know that that made it significant in a spiritual way, and I guess as mystical and religious New Mexico can be with all the Spanish folklore, I probably should have "known" whatever deep meaning she expressed in just those three words; but in any case, it was a great hat. So I told Ed, "This is a Dead Man's Hat... you know what that means, right? It's bad luck to wear it, unless you have a great guitar to go with it." Well, he either fell for it, or thought it was worthy of a great story, so the next time he came to see me from L.A., there it was: this beautiful La Brea. I can only guess that my name being La Fuente must have sparked something in him when he saw it, and he probably said "Yes, that's the guitar she needs." 

This photo was taken around Christmas of 1990,
after Andy died. You can see the guitar there
in the corner of my apartment. 

Unfortunately, me and Edward did not work out, and after about two months, I moved in with Andy and Chris. If I have to use last names and explain who I'm talking about, then you're an idiot, you have no business reading this and I should fire my publicist. But he's a monkey and... well, what can I say? I can't seem to shake the cheeky little bastard. Anyhow, Ed got over it, what can I say... the day I met Andy my life changed as well. That fateful day Regan saw me and went into the next room and told Andy, "The girl of your dreams is in the next room" ... Apparently, he knew about Andy's obsession with Paul Stanley. We had a nervous conversation that's not important right now... but I'll never forget him and Regan following me down the street and me acting like I was the coolest chick in the world with my Dead Man's Hat, and Fender La Brea... wearing custom made Mexican Cowboy boots -- of course! By the way,  one night, many moons later, me and Andy were putting up flyers for Malfunkshun and I left the hat on a bench downtown. I always wondered what happened to that hat. 

Another photo from the eBay post

I also always wondered what happened to my Fender La Brea. After Andy died, a lot of stuff of mine got stolen. The guitar is definitely something I never thought I'd see again, like my engagement ring from Andy. Gone also. Like his hair and tons and tons of photos... all gone. So needless to say, I was shocked and appalled when it was brought to my attention that my Fender La Brea was on EBay being sold for $2,000 as "The guitar of Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone..." adding, "Do you know who Pearl Jam is?" In looking into who this guy is, I can say I totally believe him, that he bought it at Capitol Loan on Capitol Hill in Seattle, but apparently he was told by some numbskull that worked there that it belonged to Andy. The current manager assured me they have no record of that. I would never pay the price he is asking, and I wrote this short and sweet blog for one reason only: to make sure that NO ONE buys it under the pretense that it belonged to Andrew Wood. Chris did borrow it a lot, Matt Cameron even borrowed it, and I'm sure Andy wrote some stuff on it, but he mostly wrote on his Yamaha 12-string that's in the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. That guitar was sold to them for a "very high price" according to staff there, by someone in Andy's family, who as most of us are aware is still trying to sell his old bass for $20,000! I would like to ask my friends that instead of buying this or buying it for me, to instead donate to a great organization like Mike McCready's Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. Knowing me, I'd probably give it away anyhow! Thanks for reading this and following our blogs, our subscribers and social media followers are sure to get this out there so that no one else gets fooled! I hope this is a lesson to young musicians and owners of Dead Men's Hats to beware of who you trust with your belongings.

A photo of the guitar shown on eBay

And to the person or persons who took this guitar in the first place:  You're a first class chode and consider yourself fish slapped! 

That is all! Carry on Special Monkeys!