Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sonic Highways~Another Chapter In The Amazing Story of Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters

Seattle, being (in my eyes) the most deserving city of an amazing Foo Fighters concert, was not disappointed on Friday night when the 'Sonic Highways' tour hit Seattle's historic Showbox Theater. There are very few shows in Seattle that actually bring tears to my eyes, and if you asked anyone, I looked like Alice Cooper by the end of the night. Yeah, laugh it up, fuzzballs and whippersnappers. One of these days you'll find yourself crying outside of a concert and your life will be summed up in one song. All the good and bad you've experienced will hit you at once, and hopefully you'll be as grateful as I am when it does. Please believe, like I have, that you are alive to bear witness to one of the last good things humanity has to offer the universe:  words and music -- performed live.

Given to us with heart and seemingly with the effort of men half their age, they performed a three-hour set with no interruption. If you're lucky enough to catch Foo Fighters on this Sonic Highways tour, you just may leave the show a changed monkey. 

Dave Grohl, we at Xanaland hereby knight you honorary 
Half Ass Monkey Boy for the weekend! 

Here is some of what you might see~

Pay no attention to that monkey
singing in the background, it wasn't me --
I think Cher was standing next to me! 

For a great review of the show, visit our friends' website, Northwest Music Scene.  
They follow the best local bands and do a hell of a job keeping up on all the exciting new music as well as reviewing historic events like this one. 

Give to the world the best you have
And the best will come back to you

For Gianluca