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Walking Papers Drummer Will Andrews Answers 20 Questions ~See Walking Papers Live This Saturday June 30th at Plunge Music Festival at Seattle's Historic Triple Door Theater

Xanaland blog is proud to have the opportunity to do this fun interview with Will Andrews of Ten Miles Wide, OMNI, and Walking Papers who are headlining this year's Plunge Music Festival (read our blog on Plunge Music Festival tomorrow on Xanaland Main Blog)  at the Triple Door Theater on June 3oth 2018.

photo by John Bamlett 

 I have personally known Will since 2013. We met while I was filming Jeff Angell's other band The Missionary Position. I'll never forget that night. It was a really rainy night in the deep winter in Seattle at a bar.  I have now seen Will play many times at this very bar called The High Dive. I was live streaming and back then I was using a laptop to do so. I needed something to set my laptop on, and not knowing anyone there, I looked around and spotted Will and Johndus who turned out to be the drummer and singer for the opening band The Mothership (now Ten Miles Wide). This was on January 9th 2013 - and Will immediately gave me his drum case to use as a shelf. 

My video from that night is at the end of this blog. 

 Benjamin Anderson, Jeff Angell, Johndus Beckman, & Will Andrews 

....lucky for me, Jeff & Ben from The Missionary Position/Walking Papers 
have been big fans of John and Will's bands for many years and had them opening 
for them that night at the High Dive

We three became fast friends, learning quickly that we are all Capricorns. I've watched him go from full determination and seemingly born with musical talent, to pretty much Seattle's best drummer. You might even say he's the Matt Cameron of our time. Ten Miles Wide to me, is the best hard rock band to come out of Seattle in 25 years. Congrats my friend on your hard-earned success; I look forward to continuing to follow you on what's sure to be an amazing musical journey! 

 And now, let's let our in house monkey pick Will's brain! 

In the early 19th Century, Marcel Proust was given a questionnaire called "an album to record thoughts and feelings," also known as a "confession album."  At the time, it was popular among English families to assure that the man or woman was marriage worthy and bona fide. Written in 1890, it was discovered in 1924, and in 2003 auctioned for over 100,000 euros.

The TV show The Actors Studio had their own version that the host would ask the actors live in the studio.

 Vanity Fair readers have long enjoyed the magazine's version of  The Proust Questionnaire. It's fairly basic but gives you a glimpse into the minds of some of the most famous and respected people in the world. They now have an online version that anyone can take and compare their answers to celebrities. So, when we explored creative ways to interview people, we realized a version suited for musicians would be perfect! Where other publications fail, we will succeed by letting the monkey ask all the questions!

1. What music makes you the happiest?

W~Anything that is created with honesty and artistic sensibility.

photo courtesy Mosh Rock Mag

2. What musician do you identify with the most?

W~Right now I’d probably have to say Zach Hill. As a drummer, he’s achieved things I’ve only been able to imagine. He’s also a unique songwriter and visual artist. He embodies the spirit of creativity and discipline.

photo by John Bamlett

3. What musical talent do you wish you had or were better at?

W~ The ability to play a melodic instrument and have a deep knowledge of melody and harmony. I’m stuck in this drummer brain and frustrated that I have a hard time trying to communicate my musical ideas.

photo by Destry Hoover
4. What is your most treasured musical possession or memoribilia, autograph, etc?

W~I don’t have much of this type of thing, but probably a drum stick that Thomas Haake handed to me at the end of a Meshuggah show at El Corazon.

photo by Diane Webb

5. What venue do you dream about playing at?

W~It used to be called Great Woods in Mansfield Massachusetts. It’s called something else now... Comcast something or other, but I saw some of my favorite concerts there when I was a kid.

photo by Sam Lewis

6. If you could bring back any musician from the dead, who would it be?

W~ Because it’s still fresh in my mind I’d have to say Chris Cornell.

photo by Amber Sheeley
7. What trait do you most deplore in other musicians?

W~Style over substance or making music for the wrong reasons. You pick. Both are deplorable.

Taken at Studio 7 Seattle
photographer unknown

8. What about in yourself?

My absolute lack of drive to practice on my damn drum kit. Work/life/practice balance is out of whack right now for me. Also, it’s stupid that I still don’t know how to play the guitar.

photo by Sami Cholfi
9. Who is your muse, the one or ones that inspire you?

W~A long time ago it was the dream of being in a great band that would change the world for the better. Nowadays, it’s that feeling of creating magic in a collective of like-minded musicians, then going out and performing it live.

photo by Ginger Woo
10. Name one event in your life that made your decision to be a musician.

W~Discovering The Police and Stewart Copeland when I was very very young. They started it all.

photo by Tanya Parypa

11. If you could change one thing about your appearance what would that be?

W~20 more pounds of muscle, 10% less body fat year round without having to work for it.

Photo by Xana La Fuente
12. Who in your life has stood by you and supported your music the most/longest?

W~Without a shadow of a doubt, my parents. They’ve always nurtured my musical side and helped me greatly along the way. I’m very lucky.

Seattle's Ten Miles Wide
with Ryan Thornes, Johndus Beckman, Will Andrews, & Jake Carden
13. What is your current state of mind?

W~ I’m learning to appreciate all of the great things I have in my life while taking time to stop and smell the roses. Less chaos, more serenity.

photo (selfie) of Will with Joshua Hashman
by Joshua Hashman

14. What phrase or word do you overuse the most?

W~I’m a gross over/under exaggerator. I over use strong words like “incredible,” “genius,” and the like.

photo by Sam Lewis

15. What would you say were some of your best moments as a musician, on or off stage?

W~I’d have to say it’s one of three things. Selling out The Crocodile in The Mothership a few years ago is way up there. Ten Miles Wide at White River, Walking Papers opening up for Alice In Chains, and the last Omni recording session are all big standouts for me too.

16. What band or musician can you absolutely not listen to?

W~Styx has always grated on my nerves. There are plenty more, but I just try to tune them out.

photo by Casey Brookbush

17. What band or musician can you listen to over and over?

W~ Killing Joke, Hella, any kind of great ambient music.

18. If you were not a musicain what trade/ career would you choose?

W~If I had to start over I’d probably say Chef or professional bowler...

19. If you could be a fly on the wall at any moment in music history, where would that be?

W~ Paul McCartney’s living room in the 1960s - 1970s.

photo by Michelle Castrellon
20. What song(s) will be played at your funeral?

W~ Oh that’s so tough. I’d probably subject people to Mr. Bungle’s Disco Volante record, or I’d play Spirits in the Material World because I was listening to that song I the womb. I’d be going out the same way I came in!

Thank you so much Will. So I have one question to add - I would also like to add one more and that is just to say, when asked for your devotion to your other bands like OMNI and Ten Miles Wide, do you think touring with Walking Papers and learning Missionary Position songs with Ben and Jeff is possibly the start of new recordings with either band?

W~We’ll see what the future has in store for new Walking Papers Music. We have some Seattle area shows and a European tour to do first. I know all of the Missionary Position material too, so it’s really up to the guys to decide if and when.... Omni is currently in another state of hiatus. We had some good momentum in the studio last year but things had to be put on hold once again. There’s a leftover track I’d love to go and mix sometime soon. It's much more “up” than most of the Omni material, and the full band take we kept has some real magic. As far as Ten Miles Wide, we have over an album’s worth of material ready to go. We just need to rehearse the songs a bit more before we go into the studio. The Walking Papers/Alice In Chains tour made me rethink what I was doing behind the kit, and I’d like to incorporate that into TMW a bit.

The Mothership live at The High Dive

the night Will and his bands changed my life

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...and thank you Sancho monkey for taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview Will for us! Your whiskey and bananas are in your office, per our agreement for payment!

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