Friday, November 30, 2018

Once Upon a Time There Was a Girl With a Voice as Loud as The Mustache's... Her Name Was Nurse Ratchett...

The year was 1988, the music was loud. And for some of us it was all we had. Sure, there was always music in Seattle. But after the breakout of what's now known as the Grunge Era, there were many bands and even more great singers that were left behind in the dust. 

It's okay, do not weep for us! For we went on to do other great things, like have babies that became actual good human beings - not a one of us that I know, anyhow - was responsible directly for the birthing and raising of a chode. We are indeed the lucky ones. 

As the years passed, some of us, however, were derailed by chodes. It happens. They look good at first, then you realize... fuck I am totally stuck in Chodeville... again! What the fuck is wrong with me!? Okay there has to be a way out, right?

You finally figure out that you can sing your way out! It's like magic. It's the Seattle way, it's what we do best. Sing our way out of bad relationships, bad jobs; I hear that you can even sing your way out of jail if you're really good! 

One of my very favorite singers who is currently escaping Chodeville (I call it like I see it ,dude) and singing her way to freedom is someone who was once called "the female Chris Cornell" ...we call him The Mustache in Xanaland...

In case you did not already know this, you're an idiot, you have no business reading this or even being in Xanaland, and I should fire my publicist... but he's a monkey who works for whiskey and foot massages, and that's pretty smart for a half ass monkey boy! Besides Idiots Rule, right?! 

There's Sancho the Half Ass Monkey Boy.
He's in bad need of a foot massage by the way. 
Just sayin'! 

Her name is none of your business and her band is Nurse Ratchett 

Come join us tonight 
Friday November 30th 2018 at 8:00 p.m. 

 Nurse Ratchett's EP Release Party
 At The Skylark in West Seattle

 They have come so far as a band and our little singer has come a long way in finding her voice again - I am so, so proud of her and excited for this show! 

The Skylark has amazing food too!   

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And look for our 20 questions interview with The Girl with No Name - the singer and bass player for Nurse Ratchett & also the singer for Seattle's amazing Jane's Addiction tribute band, Idiots Rule 

Interview/20 questions will be in our Dirty Dog Freedom Writer blog for December